Online Poster Service

This service will be available13 July 2015 until 23 August 2015 following the closure of both the submission and the selection processes.

All information concerning e-Poster submission will be sent out by e-mail through the EADV’s service provider, at the beginning of July 2015.

Please note that in preparing your e-Poster the following rules should be adhered to:

  1. Commercial names or registered trademarks cannot be used within the poster, this also includes photos of commercial equipment
  2. Only presentations in the correct PowerPoint format, of a maximum of 6 slides, will be accepted
  3. Neither the official Congress or EADV logos can be displayed anywhere on the e-Poster slides

Patient Privacy /Clinical Photography
PHOTOGRAPHS should at all times protect the privacy and identity of the subject. Eyes should be blacked out. The source of the photographs must also be declared if not the property of the presenter. This is to prevent the use of photographic material without permission.


Note: We would like to remind you that e-Posters cannot be hung on poster boards or anywhere within the Congress venue nor submitted on-site. After the closing deadline, no submissions will be accepted under any circumstances.

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