Interactive e-Poster Area

General Information

From Copenhagen on, several major structural changes will render the event highly attractive to both the e-Posters presenters and the attendees.

E-Posters Interactive Area

A common area will be organized into three sections to facilitate the review, presentation and discussion of e-Posters. Abstracts selected as e-Posters and will be available for viewing in the Review Area during the Congress. Of the submitted abstracts, 60 will be chosen for a formal oral e-Poster presentation in the Presenting Area. Further dialogue with the authors will take place in the dedicated Discussion Area. Please refer to the floor plan for orientation.

Review Area

Approximately 40 computers will be provided and configured exclusively for e-Posters presentations. The posters can be viewed sequentially by number, submission topic or searched individually by title, key word or author.

The e-Posters viewing times are:

Wednesday, 7 October 2015  08.00-17.30
Thursday, 8 October 2015  08.00-16.30
Friday, 9 October 2015  08.00-16.30
Saturday, 10 October 2015  08.00-16.30
Sunday, 11 October 2015  08.00-11.30

Presenting Area

On the three full days of the Congress, 60 presenting authors will orally present their e-Poster research. Each author will have 10 minutes (7 + 3 Q&A) to present his/her research in front of the audience. Approximately 40-50 seats will be provided for an audience. A large display and microphone will be provided to the author during the presentation.
The presentations will occur in a morning and afternoon session each day over three days. Sessions will be “chaired” by a local representative who will introduce the author, stimulate the conversation and moderate the questions to facilitate a discourse between authors and the audience.

e-Poster oral presentations will be held during the following day and time:

Thursday, 8 October 2015 10.50-12.30 13.15-14.55
Friday, 9 October 2015 10.50-12.30 13.15-14.55
Saturday, 10 October 2015 10.50-12.30 13.15-14.55

The e-Poster Oral presenter session programme will be available after the e-Poster evaluation.

Note to presenters

Presenting authors must register for the EADV Copenhagen Congress at least two month in advance. Deadline for registration is 1st of August, 2015. On site, presenters must check-in with the E-Posters Interactive Area Help Desk on Wednesday 7 October from 13.00 to 18.00 to confirm your presence, sign the required documentation and hand over the paper posters directly to the hostess. More information here.

Discussion Area

A dedicated area will be available for an in-depth discussion with the poster authors. Five tables with five chairs each will accommodate small groups who are seeking a more colloquial interaction with the author.

The 60 authors selected for oral presentation have the opportunity to display a paper poster in the Discussion Area. Authors are responsible for preparing, printing, and delivering their physical posters to the Congress organizers. Authors must hand deliver posters directly to the E-Posters Interactive Area Help Desk on Wednesday 8th October 2015 from 13.00 to 18.00. Posters must fit the size of the dedicated poster boards: A0 Oversize (88,2 x 124,7cm, portrait).

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