Poken Contest

During the entirety of the Congress (Wednesday, 7 October until Sunday, 11 October) participants will have the possibility to take part in the Poken contest and win fantastic prizes.

How do I play?
Use your Poken Spark device to network with as many people as possible. Just touch one Poken Spark to another and wait for the glow! Visit exhibitor booths and the programme touch points, and collect digital information by simply hovering your Poken over the touch points.

How do I see if I’m winning?
Come and check out the big screen at the Poken support desk and see the top networkers on the live 3D leader board!

What is the prize?
After the Congress, the top 3 networkers/collectors will receive a prize.
1st place: free registration for the 13th EADV spring symposium in Athens, May 2016.
2nd and 3rd place: free tablet.
So start connecting now!

Please note
No exhibitors or industry partners will be eligible for the contest. Please take a look at the official rules or visit the “Poken Support” booth in the registration or exhibition areas.

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