Group booking

How to book a room for a group (over 10 rooms)

accommodation link

For any questions, please contact our housing services by e-mail:

  • Please take into account that hotels will be confirmed on a “first come, first served” basis. Participants are recommended to reserve hotel accommodation as soon as possible in order to have the best choice of available hotels as demand is high.
  • A final name list must be made on the group link no later than 1 September 2015.

Group payment

Payments by credit card or by bank transfer are accepted. Payments made by credit cards are subject to an additional 3% of the total as handling charges.

Credit card

With reference to the worldwide general terms, please be aware that your credit card will be charged in Danish Kroner (DKK) and hereinafter converted back to the currency of your account.

Bank transfer

Beneficiary name: DIS Congress Services
Beneficiary Address: Herlev Ringvej 2 C, 2730 Herlev, Denmark Bank Name: Danske Bank
Bank Address: Holmens Kanal 2, DK-1090 Copenhagen K
Reg. No. 4180, Account No. 4180, konto 4180770666
IBAN Nr.: DK72 3000 4180 7706 66

1st instalment Within 8 days from booking 10 % of the total room price
2nd instalment 9 January, 2015 25 % of the total
3rd instalment 22 June, 2015 50 % of the total
4th instalment 3 August, 2015 remaining

Administration fees

There will be no administration fee for changes before 1 September 2015. The administration fee for changes after 1 September 2015 is DKK 50 per change.
DIS Congress service Copenhagen acting on behalf of Bella Center shall only accept changes, which have been made on-line or forwarded by the Company representative in writing.


DIS Congress Service Copenhagen acting on behalf of Bella Center reserves the right to make the following charges in case of cancellation/partly cancellation of the group or reduction in any of the requested rooms:

All cancellations are deducted from the latest updated amount of room nights.

  • Until 1 June 2015 a cancellation of 90 % can be made free of charge.
  • Until 29 June 2015 a cancellation of 50 % can be made free of charge.
  • Until 3 August 2015 a cancellation of 25 % can be made free of charge.
  • Until 1 September 2015 a cancellation of 10 % can be cancelled free of charge.

Cancellation(s) received after 1 September 2015 are non-refundable unless sold to other participants.

Liability and Insurance

The Meeting Organizer (EADV), the Bella Center, its official appointed Housing Bureau (DIS Congress Services Copenhagen, acting for the Bella Center) and any suppliers, representatives or agents linked to the organization of the Congress shall not be held liable by any person for any injury, damage, theft, loss, medical problem or inconvenience which may be suffered by any person while traveling to or from, or during such person’s presence in Congress in connection with this Congress.

Participants and their guests are advised to purchase their own insurance against any such occurrences. Force Majeure for Hotel Accommodation EADV or DIS Congress Services acting on behalf of the Bella Center and the Hotel(s) are not responsible for either the partial or total non-execution of the contract in the event of accident, an act caused by a third party, or in case of major force such as: special measures taken by the government or local authorities, total or partial strike, lockout, fire, threats to public safety including terrorism, war, health hazards, natural disasters, flood, or some other comparable events or disaster which prevents the Hotel(s) from accommodating the clients of DIS Congress Services Copenhagen acting on behalf Bella Center for the Congress.

Any litigation stemming from the above contract will be tried in Copenhagen, Denmark where the Danish law is exclusively applicable.

Airport Transfers

Groups are welcome to contact DIS Congress Services to organise transfers:


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